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  CFA Institute现正式宣布全球6月#CFA考试#延期。请已报名考生及时查收邮件,获取更多关于考试安排的信息。(本文内容来源:CFAinstitute )
  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  At CFA Institute, the health and safety of our employees, stakeholders, and affiliates around the globe is our top priority.
  The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak remains a very fluid situation, and please be assured that we are monitoring the effects to health, safety, and travel mobility.
  We seek to make decisions that: prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved; are informed by data; are fair and equitable in their treatment of all concerned parties; and that are viable and sustainable.
  We understand that this remains a stressful and trying situation, and we ask for your understanding as we seek to make decisions in a timely and well-informed manner.
  June CFA Program Exams
  For the safety of our global community, CFA Institute has made the decision to postpone the June 2020 CFA Exam.
  Knowing that candidates have spent hours studying and preparing for the June exam, we want to give you the opportunity to test as soon as possible. We are working with our partners around the world to determine when we can offer the exam to you.
  Do not withdraw from the June 2020 exam; we will contact you via email with more information and options by early May.
  Please be patient as we work to serve the hundreds of thousands of candidates who planned to sit for the June 2020 exam. This postponement is of an unprecedented scale and we are working to ensure that we have the capacity to manage the volume of registrations we need to process.
  知道考生已经花了很多时间学习并为6月的考试做准备,我们希望给您机会尽快进行测试。 我们正在与世界各地的合作伙伴合作,以确定何时可以为您提供考试。
  不要退出2020年6月的考试; 我们将在5月初通过电子邮件与您联系,以提供更多信息和选项。
  请耐心等待,因为我们正在努力为计划参加2020年6月考试的数十万考生提供服务。 此次推迟的规模是前所未有的,我们正在努力确保我们有能力管理需要处理的注册数量。
  Find more information in the FAQs below.【CFA延期常见问题】
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  Q:?Why is CFA Institute?postponing?the June 2020 CFA Exams?
  A: Based on the continuing escalation of COVID-19, and with concern and care for our global community, CFA Institute has decided to?postpone the June 2020 CFA Exam administration globally.
  Q: How will you inform candidates of their options regarding this?postponement?
  A: We?are informing them of the postponement by email on March 19,?and we will?tell?them in that email that?we will be back in touch with them?by?May 8?regarding options for transferring registration to one of two upcoming exam dates. We are working with our partners around the globe to define when those next two administrations can occur for each level; however, we anticipate offering every level in December 2020.? As soon as dates are confirmed, we will reach out with more information so that candidates can select a preferred date.
  Q: When do you expect you will know new exam dates?
  A: We expect to?communicate available exam dates by email no?later than 8 May 2020.
  Q: What will be the earliest possible date for the exams?
  A: December 2020.
  Q: Will December be the only time for testing the deferred administrations?
  A: December 2020 will be the first available administration date for all three levels of the CFA Exam. Postponed candidates will have the option of at least one additional date to defer to in 2021. We will provide more information on this topic when we communicate testing options to June 2020 candidates no later than 8 May.
  Q: Will the current curriculum be tested at all deferred administrations?
  A: The current curriculum will apply to exams administered in 2020. We are reviewing options for exams administered in 2021.  We will provide more information on this topic when we communicate testing options to June 2020 candidates no later than 8 May.
  Q: Can I request a refund for my June 2020 registration?
  A: CFA Institute is providing?registered candidates a?deferral to?a?future exam date. Because all candidates will be rescheduled, refunds are not being offered.
  Q: Why is it taking CFA Institute so long to reschedule the exam?
  A:?CFA Institute offers test centers in 193 cities in 95 different?countries. As?of 12 March 2020, at the close of registration, we had?more than?245,000 global candidates registered to take the exam in June 2020. Securing exam administration sites, ensuring continued access to study materials,?and organizing grading for new dates requires intentional and careful planning.?Although we do not have a precise date, we can guarantee that candidates will have an opportunity to take the exam before the end of the year,?and we appreciate everyone’s patience?in the meantime.
  Q: How can I make sure I don’t miss a communication?
  A: We will communicate with everyone?through a variety of channels including email, social media, our website,?and candidate resources portal. We encourage you to verify your email address on record by logging in to your CFA Candidate account and to follow our CFA Program social channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo. We will also communicate directly with?all?Approved Prep Providers and local CFA Societies around the globe as details are available.
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