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  我们鼓励2020年6月的候选人继续学习并查看其电子邮件以获取更新; 我们还将通过社交媒体进行交流。 我们将确保将任何决定也通知我们的合作伙伴,例如经批准的制备提供者和当地社团。
  我们的目标是确保所有级别和地区的所有考试候选人都能公平公正地进行考试管理。 目前,我们没有确切的日期来宣布6月份的考试是否会发生变化。 这是一个不断发展的局面,我们正在与地方,区域和全球卫生顾问,政府和雇主进行协商,以确保我们正在考虑COVID-19严重性和反应方面的全球差异。 我们会尽力审查信息,因此请您耐心等待,并会尽快做出决定。
  At CFA Institute, our top priority is always the health and safety of our employees, candidates, and stakeholders around the globe.
  At CFA Institute, the health and safety of our employees, stakeholders, and affiliates around the globe is our top priority.
  The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak remains a very fluid situation, and please be assured that we are monitoring the effects to health, safety, and travel mobility.
  We seek to make decisions that: prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved; are informed by data; are fair and equitable in their treatment of all concerned parties; and that are viable and sustainable.
  We understand that this remains a stressful and trying situation, and we ask for your understanding as we seek to make decisions in a timely and well-informed manner.
  March CIPM Exams
  CFA Institute has not made changes to the CIPM exam administration for March 2020. For test center actions and updated closure information, read this special notice from Prometric regarding COVID-19. If your test center is closed and you are unable to reschedule, CFA Institute will contact you.
  If you are experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please do not appear at the testing location but contact CFA Institute to make alternate arrangements for your exam.
  June CFA Program Exams 【关于CFA考试的重要说明】
  With respect to the June administration of the CFA Program exams, to date, we have not announced any change in plans.
  We encourage June 2020 candidates to continue studying and check their email for updates; we will also communicate through social media. We will ensure that our partners, such as approved prep providers and local societies, are notified of any decisions as well.
  Our goal is to ensure a fair and equitable exam administration for all candidates at every level and every locale. At this time, we do not have an exact date by which we will announce if there will be changes to the June administration. This is an evolving situation, and we are consulting with local, regional and global health advisors, governments, and employers to ensure we are considering global variances in the severity of and response to COVID-19. We request your patience as we diligently review information and will make decisions as quickly as possible.
  CFA Institute Events
  We are evaluating our conference calendar on a case-by-case basis using the most current and reliable information available from health and travel authorities. We will cancel programs if necessary — and have done so already in certain instances. We are monitoring unfolding events closely and reviewing all available options — including holding virtual events — on an ongoing basis.
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